Static Aircraft Library for FS9 and FSX
While working on KARR Aurora for FSX, there was a decision to add static aircraft to fill out the ramp. The AI
planes weren't a good representation of the quantity and types of aircraft that should be there. The problem
was that there really wasn't a good library of static aircraft. I decided to try my hand at it and this is the result.
This first version includes 50 types and variations. I'm hoping to expand the library in the future as an

10/19/09 Version 2 is now available. It expands the library to 62 aircraft, adding Piper Cherokee
variations, Robinson R44s, Eurocopter AS350s and Lake Amphibians.

The library is considered public domain and may be used for any purpose.

Click HERE to download the FS9 version or HERE to download the FSX version.